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I have noticed by the web site stats that there are some non Italian visitors too. Thank you for coming. These notes are intended to let you understand in a few words who I am and what this site is due to.

I live in Empoli, near Florence (Italy) and I am a comedies author. Theatre is my passion and I have written some comic comedies in Tuscan dialect (it's Empoli's local dialect, exactly), just a bit different from Italian. I have made this site on my own, just to spread the word about these comedies. You won't remember this site as the most stunning you have seen, but I just do what I can. I don't care about the way this site appears, I just care about its contents.

There is not an English version of this site, because there's no sense making it, at least until there will be someone translating my comedies in English. If this will be, I'll let you know.

Again, thank you for visiting this site.


by Massimo Valori 2013